Treat gently with varicose vein herbal supplements

Treat gently with varicose vein herbal supplements

Removal of varicose veins without surgery

You will be astonished by the sub heading on the removal of varicose veins without surgery. It is a fact that it is possible. But when you consult a doctor he always suggests of treating varicose veins by modern methods like surgery and laser treatments. Many people are afraid of undergoing surgery especially vein surgery as they think that there is greater chances of a heart attack while undergoing the procedure.

Over the past decades, various methods of varicose vein treatment have been established. They include :

 The Vein Stripping. Here varicose veins are removed by a simple surgery.
 The CHIVA method. This is the translation of the abbreviation for a Careful, blood flow changing process in the absence of venous valves closing, which can be performed on an outpatient basis. ”
 The Miniphlebectomy. This side branch varicose veins are surgically removed by them prevents the flow of blood.
The bonding of veins by means of laser or radio waves.
The Foam Sclerotherapy. Sprayed a solution or a foam into the affected vein.

All these measures are associated with risks such as bleeding, allergies, scarring, thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, infection.

Recently i have talked with some some doctors regarding the same but they said that varicose vein removal is just a simple procedure and it can be done in a shortest span of time. But they have told that it also has got some disadvantages just because the varicose veins will reappear and again the stripping procedure has to repeated.

Experts believe that more than 60% of the people in the world suffer from problems with regard to veins. As i have mentioned earlier many patients shy away from the early transition to a specialist because they are afraid of an operation.

But how to remove varicose veins without surgery, without anesthesia and without prolonged postoperative pain?

Friendly alternatives to conventional vein surgery

When you find that you are victim of varicose veins consult a doctor most of the doctors advice especially ayurvedic physicians normally advice health lifestyle and conservative methods such as compression therapy, herbal medication or exercise therapy. In most of the cases by following these tips the severity of varicose veins get reduced but if it is getting chronic then you must start medication. You can start varicose vein herbal supplements to get rid of it painlessly yet permanently.

While a few years ago the surgical removal of varicose veins as a “gold standard”, the non-invasive vein treatment is increasingly become the focus of doctors and patients in recent years. This term covers a range of largely cut free, gentle methods, which aim to deprive the diseased vein to the bloodstream and thereby regulate the flow of blood, without removing the varicose veins surgically. Instead, the vein is permanently closed by different influences, thus remains in the body. Within months, it dissolves by itself and is absorbed by the body.

In general, the minimally invasive treatment methods are considered far more patient friendly, pain and less risky than the classic vein operation.

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