Natural Ways to get rid of Varicose Veins

Natural Ways to get rid of Varicose Veins

Today we will be discussing all about varicose veins sharing a great number of Natural Ways to get rid of Varicose Veins, how to improve your varicose veins, it could be spider veins even hemorrhoids. Swelling in the legs, you may have leg ulcers all other useful information.

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How varicose veins and spider veins causeĀ 

Listed below are some of the common factors contributing to varicose veins and spider veins.

If you are obese, even if you gain as low as 15 pounds it give lots of pressure on the venous system. The blood that need to be pumped up to the heart, through the liver and back up to the cardiovascular system when too much pressure going on to the veins the valves actually become damage with the back flow pressure.

So being overweight, we don’t know to whom we are talking to but you need to get that extra weight off this is the best thing you can do to help the venous circulation

Anybody who have gone through pregnancy knows that the veins become more compromised with the extra blood volume and also that extra weight. With more pregnancies there will be more venous problems. We have great babies and great pregnancies but this is one of the negative side of that.

As and when the hormones change, there will be changes in the body of women. unfortunately what happens is that there will be more pressure build up in the veins. This is really common and that is the reason women are having more varicose vein problem as opposed to men

Standing and Sitting
If you are in a daily job and your daily routine requires a lot of standing and sitting the blood gets pooled on the legs therefore exercises are recommended

In this article we will sharing some exercises for increasing the circulation and improving the varicose vein.

It can be inherited, unfortunately if your mom or dad, grand parents had a lot of varicose veins then you may be apt of having a venous problem and blood circulation problem.

Lots of people don’t realize that if the veins are compromised, if it is not working to pump that blood up to the heart, this is actually the number one causes for high blood pressure.

If you are treating your veins you are in turn treating your high blood pressure in a more natural way and we at gurusgarden is having a herbal remedy to treat both the ailments as well.

What can we do to improve our venous circulation?

Tip #1 First and foremost, it is always recommended to elevate you legs so as much as you can put you legs up if you have time about 20 mins during the day as well as in the evening put you legs on the head rest of the couch and keep your legs higher than your heart. If certainly helps with the venous circulation.

Tip #2 Exercise is very much important, get as active as you can, moving legs, walking is fantastic to get that blood flowing and especially those leg muscles help to pump that blood back up to the heart

Tip #3 Your diet really should be high in vitamin c as natural vitamins especially citrus fruits. Citrus fruits have got flavanoids which really helps in venous circulation and it as also assists to rejuvenate the blood vessels. Make sure that you take enough of citrus fruits in a day. Our herbal formula is having citrus fruit extract, flavanoids and other ingredients which you can take safely and naturally everyday which can relieve your dilated veins and get rid of the ailment at the earliest.

Tip #4 It is really important to detoxify as well, healthy liver can help in improving venous problems especially varicose veins and spider veins

Tip #5 Alkalizing the body is very crucial, we can do this by making sure that we have enough of the essential pro-biotics which will help in energizing the digestive tract as well as bringing in more calcium to the body.

Tip #6 There are some great herbs which helps the veins and circulation Gotu Kola is one of them, Horse Chestnuts, Pomegranate and various others. We have put all the herbs in one place and created a herbal formulation making it really easy for you to combat varicose veins.

Tip #7 It is also recommended that you wear loose clothing because if you ever have tight clothing especially around the waist, it compromises that blood flow back up to the liver and to the cardio vascular system. So it is really important that you maintain loose clothing especially on your mid section.

Hope what we have explained regarding Natural Ways to get rid of Varicose Veins has been useful for you.

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