Is ayurveda an alternative treatment?

Is ayurveda an alternative treatment?

Do you consider ayurveda as an alternative form of medicine?

Millions of people around the world are shaking hands with ayurvedic system of medicine after getting bitter experiences from other forms of healing.

It is holistic with no side effects.

In one of the recently concluded ayurveda conference named AYUSH experts has advocated ayurvedic system of medicine. Professionals from the field have reiterated the fact that ayurveda is not an alternative medicine it should be a main stream treatment system. As you know ayurvedic system of natural treatments has been prevalent in India for 5000 years and still it prominence has not been questioned.

In today’s world Ayurveda is being treated as an alternative healthcare system due to the fact that it needs some time to cure the disease. Unlike other systems of medicine the results from the treatment will be permanent with no side effects.

The Government of India has taken initiatives to promote alternative medicine. It is due to the fact that some chronic ailments which could not be healed by allopathic medicines can be easily cured with ayurveda.

While speaking at the conference an ayurvedic trader has told that the Herbal health care products have a 20 billion-dollar stake in the global market, which is estimated to increase to five trillion dollars in the near future. This is a big opportunity for those who are dealing with the trade of ayurvedic products. Apart from that a big opportunity lies for ayurvedic practitioners in countries around the world where people are choosing other systems of medicine. On the sidelines of this 4 day long conference, an eminent ayurvedic physician has stated that the number of ayurvedic doctors in gulf countries are very low and the doctors from other parts of the world can migrate to these countries for an alternative treatment method which is blood-less and pain less.

What ever be the ailment consider ayurveda first and have the medicine at least for a couple of weeks before blaming the traditional treatment system.

Do you think ayurveda is good for treating modern ailments?

I think, with ayurveda, you can trust.

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