How can you prevent a thrombosis on long trips?

How can you prevent a thrombosis on long trips?

Vacation time is also thrombosis time. The blood clot in the leg veins can be as dangerous.

In many people the anticipation of the holiday is clouded by the fear of long flights and their possible consequences, primarily swollen legs that indicate the so-called “traveler’s thrombosis”, which everyone wants to avoid. Today we explain how such a thrombosis occurs and what you can do in order to get rid of that during travel which involve long flights? Normally, our calf muscles massage the veins, as we move. This blood is well transported from the legs back to the heart. When We sit quietly, however for a long time and with legs bent in a plane or car, this movement does not occur.

The consequence: The blood gets thicker. It flows more slowly, resulting in wide veins.

In the worst situation, it coagulates and gets clumped and can thus close the vein. The leg swells up, it hurts and thrombosis arises. This development will be promoted by the dry air that prevails in an aircraft cabin. Being in this atmosphere the body is dehydrated, providing additional viscosity to the blood.

Why is this so risky?
In rare cases a part of the blood clot get in the vein and can be transported through the blood stream through the lungs. If it closes a blood vessel the pumping of heart may not operate properly – it is called a pulmonary embolism, which can even lead to sudden heart failure.

Who is most at risk?
“Especially older people with venous insufficiency and varicose veins have to be careful,” says the vein experts. But also carries risk, who has a hereditary coagulation defect, or have ever suffered a thrombosis. Recently operated patients, pregnant women, smokers and women who take the contraceptive pill has got the risk of thrombosis.

How to prevent vein thrombosis?

Plotting a particular risk for thrombosis, your doctor should be consulted before you sit on the plane for several hours. Movement is particularly important, according to the experts. Of course you cannot turn a economy-class space into a gym, point your toes on the ground come back to normal position and then lift your feet with toes upwards, jiggle your feet as if you brake in the car or accelerate.

In addition, it is possible to hook the calves or gently massage the legs. Some airlines show in your video program instructions for board gymnastics (Flyrobic). Vascular specialists advises his patients to get up and walk into the corridor as often as possible in order to stimulate the muscle pump. Anyone who drinks regularly water or tea, ensures that the blood remains thin. Alcohol, however, expands the blood vessels and increases the risk of thrombosis.

What should people do who have a higher risk of thrombosis?

You can have to take in drugs with you which is prescribed by your doctor, so that the blood does not clot. This can be effective for travels, which lasts longer than four and a half hours or even more. Compression stockings, which are particularly closely knit, support the blood transport in the leg in addition. There are lots of knee socks, which one can use. You do not have to be specially made. ”

What to do when the leg swells on the plane?

“Appeal to the stewardess” Yes Definitely. “You can ask whether a physician is on board.” After landing, you should seek medical help.

What is the treatment of thrombosis?

If the leg is swollen and painful, an experienced practitioner can determine by ultrasound examination and a blood test whether a thrombosis behind it. “If this is suspected, a vein specialist should look at the leg. Because it is important to prevent the growing thrombosis or a pulmonary embolism developed in the worst case. Use of blood thinner drugs such as warfarin, an anticoagulant such as heparin, thrombosis may not be resolved, but they protected quite reliable from the complications and are in addition to compression stockings which is an indispensable part of the therapy. After landing the patient should take enough rest if possible have a massage on and legs and start taking necessary medication. It was important to prevent long-term damage by heavy thrombosis.

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