Herbal Medicine for Varicose Veins

Herbal Medicine for Varicose Veins

We have made it our goal to use only treatments that are as gentle as possible, no strain for the body and not to restrict the mobility of the patient during the treatment. The usual accompanying side effects of modern treatments are completely eliminated with the herbal medicine for varicose veins.

Our medical combination reverses varicose segments with non-invasive procedures.

Conserving Saphenous Veins

Our treatments are based on indian ayurvedic system of medicine which treats the whole body rather than just the ailment. Moreover with herbal treatment there is no side-effects at all.

Our ayurvedic food supplement for varicose veins cures the entire vascular system, besides curing dilated veins and other venous problems.

The saphenous vein plays an important role in the circulation, although it is responsible for the return of only 10 percent of the venous blood of the lower extremity. Also saphenous veins are often needed for cardiac and peripheral arterial bypass surgery – often there is no other material available.

Recent studies have shown that the lumen (diameter) of the enlarged saphenous vein – after removal of the coastal side branches – may normalize in 91% of cases. Only when the saphenous vein is demonstrably extended irreversible and massive, a complete removal is necessary.

The advantages of herbal treatment:

Not stressful for the body. You can continue with your day to day activities.Conservation of the vein material (saphenous veins preserving) with positive results. Restoration of the functioning of the saphenous veins flap. The best aesthetic results, as herbal treatment is non-invasive.

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