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Varicose Vein

Which person would you like to consult with regard to your varicose vein an experienced person or a newbie? Which treatment will you choose, an expensive or an affordable one? Which type of treatment will you undergo a treatment with side effects or a treatment with no side effects. Would you like to see that you ailment reoccur or subside permanently? Would you like to treat the ailment from the comfort of your home or by getting admitted in the hospital.

Above mentioned is some of the basic questions which a person should think before undergoing treatment for varicose veins. Millions of people around the world are getting affected with varicose veins and they are treating it using modern treatment methods like veins stripping or sclerotherapy.

The Varicose Vein Specialist

Heredity, pregnancy and excessive standing jobs (especially among traffic police men, teachers and nurses) contribute to varicose veins, which happen in about 40 percent of women and 20 percent of men.

With the huge number of people falling prey to venous ailments, lots of varicose vein treatment centers has been launched in the recent years to provide effective treatments. In almost all the centers the treatment is being offered by newly enrolled medical practitioners. For them the surgery or stripping of varicose veins is a simple procedure and can be completed in 1 and a half hours. After the surgery the patient can return back on the same day itself and it is advised to take rest for more than a week to recover from the ailment.

The above mentioned treatment involves the patient to be provided with general or spinal anesthesia which might cause allergic reactions. Recently there was some cases reported where the patients risked their life due to pulmonary embolism after varicose veins surgery. In most of the veins centers there won’t be much facilities like super specialty hospitals to take care of emergency situations.

Another treatment option is the herbal treatment of varicose veins in which there is no invasive procedures associated with it. The doctor who is offering the herbal solution has got a tradition of more than 100 years in the treating the ailment. The herbal medicine offered for the treatment is prepared out of 100% organic herbs found in the tropical rain forests of India. These herbs has got special properties to reverse varicose veins from the first day of usage.

Expensive or Affordable

Which treatment option will you choose? Expensive or an affordable one? The treatment for varicose veins like stripping and using laser is quite expensive. If you visit the link you can find that the treatment will cost around $900 and you will have to take rest for another 2 weeks after the surgery. During that time you will not be able to go to work and this will cause loss of income.

With regard to herbal treatment it will cost only $400 for 2 months of treatment and varicose veins will be reversed during that time. Besides that you can continue with your regular activities and there wont be any loss of income as you can treat the ailment from the comfort of your home.

Any side effects?

In one of the earlier post i have explained about some of the side effects associated with modern varicose veins treatments and risks associated with sclerotherapy . After the vein stripping surgery there will be scars on the legs. There is a risk of pulmonary embolism after the surgery. The person who is under going surgery will have to take rest for a week. Risk of post operative wound infection. Surgery may result in scarring. Laser treatments can also cause scarring and skin color change.

In the natural treatment of varicose veins there wont be any side effects as the medicine is prepared out of 100% organic herbs moreover there will be benefits of the person who is using it rather than the cure of varicose veins. The herbal supplement for varicose vein treats the body as a whole rather than just the affected part. This treatment is being offered to thousand of people in the past 100 years and there is no side effects found.

Re-occurence of varicose veins

When you undergo treatment like the stripping and laser treatments there is chances that it may re-occur. In more than 60% of individuals who had undergone modern treatment for varicose veins has found that it re-occurred after 6 months. These people had to undergo the same procedure whether it is stripping or laser treatment again to get rid of the ailment. It is quite evident that these treatments can’t offer permanent solution to varicose veins.

Unlike other invasive treatment options if varicose vein got reversed after the herbal treatment then there is no chance that it re-occurs. The treatment which is offered to thousand of people around the world had never ever stated that their varicose vein re-occurred after the herbal treatment. We can assure 0% re-occurrence rate with regard to herbal treatment for varicose veins

Treatment in Hospital or in your Home

Where you would like to get your ailment treated? It is quite sure that you would like to treat varicose veins from the comfort of your home with out interrupting your daily activities and of-course your job. Stripping treatments and laser treatment for varicose veins requires hospitalization and rest for at least 1 week in your home.

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