Ayurvedic System of Medicine and its applications

Ayurvedic System of Medicine and its applications

Ayurveda is a holistic medicine. The health of the individual depends on his lifestyle, the diet, the fulfillment of physical and emotional needs. Ayurvedic system of medicine incoporates a versatile yet individually applicable measures and recommendations to maintain health and cure disease.

The ayurvedic therapy has matured over the centuries. Its practical applications can enrich the modern medical landscape in many ways. Ayurveda brings success in diseases that considered difficult to treat in conventional systems.

The combination of both medical as well as maintaining health, psychological and spiritual aspects in Ayurvedic medicine gives an effective, holistic therapy in the true sense.

Ayurveda represents the principle of individuality in both nutritional and behavioral issues as well as in therapy. This explains why patients can be treated totally different with regard to the same disease.

The range of measures is very broad – what is the right thing for the individual, can only be decided in the individual case. The scale of this is provided in-depth discussions, as well as the perceived needs and preferences of the client: Healthwise sense is ultimately only what also brings joy!

• Ayurvedic medicine

In addition to the knowledge about the healthy lifestyle Ayurvedic medicine has two very intensive treatment methods by which even serious diseases can be successfully treated. Dravyaguna (herbal medicine) and panchakarma (drainage and Rejuvenation). Both forms of therapy are performed by the Ayurvedic physicians afor inpatients as well as for outpatients. A medical Ayurvedic treatment with the patient over a long period in which the healing process is accompanied holistically according to individual’s clinical picture, so that the causes and symptoms of the disease can be treated and eliminated sustainably.

According to the classical therapeutic approach, it always starts medical treatment with intensive cleansing treatment (Panchakarma), which rids the body of its etiologies and accumulated waste products. After this comprehensive cleaning process the constructive and stabilizing Dravyaguna therapy, in which the individual body tissues are revitalized with herbal and mineral preparations to initiate the healing process.


The Panchakarma purification methods are very old and are used successfully for many centuries. With a complex system of five (panch) actions (karma) toxic substances, metabolic waste products and disease causing elements are discharged. The 5 ingredients are chosen according to the individual disease and adapted to the general state of health.

Panchakarma is not done for all the ailments. Excellent results achieve the intensive cleaning process in all chronic and intractable diseases and psychosomatic complaints, for example, all skin diseases, digestive disorders, autoimmune diseases, impotence, tinnitus or insomnia. Even heart disease, diabetes, or musculoskeletal disorders can be treated very well.

Panchakarma treatment usually takes 3-12 weeks. A Panchakarma treatment is not a relaxing holiday with health benefits, but it includes the hard work of an ayurvedic physician, therapist and of course the patient. The diverting therapies – medical vomiting (Vamana), draining (Virecana), enemas (Basti), Nose and Sinus treatment (Nasya), bleeding (Rakta moksa) – cleanses the digestive tract. Through these procedures, discharges, body mind are renewed sustainable across the board level.

• Ayurvedic Therapy

The various oil and dry treatments of Ayurveda therapy support the body specifically in its cleaning and renewal process. Many symptoms can be reduced or eliminated and you can find yourself back in our original dosha balance. The Ayurvedic massage treatments are also used as preparation for Panchakarma and as an accompaniment for any medical treatment. By the external rites (mostly supported by an internal lubrication), the body is soft. The waste and tissue poisons dissolve and be discharged through the subsequent sweat treatment.

When used regularly, the individual treatments have a rejuvenating, cell renewing and revitalizing functionalities. In addition, they serve the health care, strengthen the immune system and support the overall well-being of body and soul. A distinction is made between tissue reducing and tissue-building treatments. In tissue-building itincludes various oil massages. The tissue-reducing massage (dry massage) support the detoxification and weight loss.

Snehana – the oil anointing

The term oil massage of Ayurveda are summarized. The whole body (Abhyanga) or only partial regions (abdomen, back, head, face and feet) are massaged with matched to your skin type, the constitution. The different massages are used for stress reduction, sleep disorders, for strengthening of skin, bones and muscles, with musculoskeletal problems and for general improvement of the immune system.

Dhara – the oil treatment

The most famous Dhara treatment is the Shirodhara – the forehead. In Shirodhara flows a jet of warm oil (or buttermilk or medical casts) on the forehead more than 20 minutes and which gives a state of deep relaxation. The Shirodhara is used for the wellbeing of the human being and helpful for beauty care and relaxation, but it acts as a special medical treatment of headaches, depression and symptoms of the nervous system.

Garshan – silk glove massage

As Garshan is called a stimulating dry massage with raw silk gloves. Similar to a lymphatic drainage of the whole body is activated in its rejection.

Udvarthana – dry massage

Here the body is rubbed with warm powders, flours, herbs and spices. The dry-cleaning and massages act extremely invigorating. They are applied to reduce water retention, and fat deposits.

Svedana – the sweat cures

Sweating is one of the very old ayurvedic therapy, as it helps the body to burn waste and excrete. After each oil massage, sweating is recommended to eliminate the dissolved toxins from the tissues and to stimulate Agni.

Pinda sveda

Here the body is spread with hot boluses filled with herbs, spices and special medicines. Pinda Sveda is used primarily for musculoskeletal problems such as paralysis, arthritis, muscle tightness and injuries. The treatment stimulates cell renewal and is the Rejuvenating.

• Ayurvedic counseling

Because Ayurveda understands the holistic healing, any Ayurvedic treatment should include advisory elements. The cure of disease, but also to promote the health of the consideration of the client’s wishes in his physical, emotional and mental constitution and his family, social and economic implications. The nutritional counseling and Ayurvedic Counseling have proved to beneficial in its own gravity methods. Their goal, in his own consciousness process to accompany the client (the basis for good health and healing) and support.


What we eat has a fundamental impact on our physical health and mental satisfaction. The Ayurvedic diet is a holistic system, which supplies all nutrients and vital substances according to the individual needs of the body, mind and soul.

The special feature of the Ayurvedic science of nutrition is that all foods are selected and put together taking into account the individual constitution and metabolism. Each person can put together his best form of nutrition using the Ayurvedic principles. Decisive for an adequate diet are the doshas and Agni and the origin of life and traditions of the lifestyle of the individual. The result is a highly versatile diet, which is not only tasty, but also very energizing.

A particular focus of ayurvedic diet is on the good digestibility and optimal utilization of food. By appetizing spices that easily digestible combinations and gentle preparation of the metabolism can be optimally broken down all the blocks in the diet and gain a high degree of vital life energy. Foods, spices and culinary herbs are part of Ayurvedic herbal medicine – the right food is therefore also the basis for any therapeutic measure. Also know the Ayurveda to the strong influence of daily food with its different flavor components on the psychological well-being of the individual.

The Ayurvedic nutrition is very versatile and differentiated. Qualified dietitians help clients interpret their eating habits properly and bring in harmony.

Lifestyle and psychology

Ayurveda not only has excellent therapies for physical balance, but also leads the people with its holistic and profound psychology to spiritual and mental health. A large part of all diseases and conditions in the Western world is based on psychological and psychosomatic basis. Not malnutrition or infections are the main cause of the physical symptoms, but stress, psychological discomfort and trauma from the past. Wrong thought patterns and unprocessed emotional impressions inevitably lead to physical discomfort and negative connotations expressions of the psyche. Thus, the Ayurvedic psychology is a valuable form of therapy or the modern Western world.

The task of accompanying people on their path to inner satisfaction, holistic health and spiritual fulfillment, is an essential aspect of working with Ayurveda and Vedic sciences. As in many ancient civilizations we find also in Ayurveda, a complex understanding of the relationships between man, nature and cosmos. So always start healing in Ayurveda with the profound contemplation of spiritual and emotional background of the emergence of the disease as well as their individual development phases.

A spiritual psychotherapy allows the patient a deep self-awareness and growth on all levels of being. Using the inner wisdom and in harmony with the divine guidance we at gurusgarden learn new ideas for a life in harmony and fulfillment, with which deep healing processes and the discovery of personal potential are possible.

• Ayurvedic Wellbeing

Ayurveda has got a holistic perspective towards wellbeing and all the recommendations and measures are summarized are not necessary for the treatment of diseases, but it is recommended for health maintenance and prevention of ailments. The therapeutic Ayurvedic massage treatments serves the development of life energy and joy.

The relaxing and at the same time energizing treatments are highly beneficial and are used as classic beauty and rejuvenation therapy. Especially in today’s time with a strong exposure to career, family and everyday duties the vitalizing therapies and massages have become particularly important for stress compensation. They strengthen the inner fullness, harmony and beauty.

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