How to get rid of Varicose Veins on legs?

How to get rid of Varicose Veins on legs?

Varicose veins are tortuous, dilated veins, especially on the legs and usually near to the calf. The causes of varicose veins are the diversified. Tired, heavy and swollen legs are typical accompaniments. In most cases, during long periods of standing or sitting it gets worsen. Smoking, high-heeled shoes, lack of exercise, prolonged sitting, birth control pills and obesity, all of this means stress for the veins. In times of hormonal change, such as during pregnancy and at menopause, women are especially at risk of getting varicose veins. Problems with the veins should be, evaluated by a vein specialist and some simple home remedies can help in curing, especially when it is so timely and at an early stage.

Tips for everyday life
With varicose veins on legs, it should be highly placed as often as possible. It should be noted that the feet are higher than the head. Persons engaged in sedentary work, should stand up again, walk around for a few minutes while going alternately on tiptoe or on the heels. In order to support the flow of blood, helps in sitting moving the feet. Regular walking, cycling and hiking also acts as a preventive, but also helps if there are already varicose veins.The crossing your legs obstructs blood flow and therefore it is an unhealthy practice. Also should be massaged calves with varicose veins Never. A gentle rubbing with rubbing alcohol before bed brings the legs with rest overnight. A daily grooming with a lotion or a tincture containing horse chestnut, is a boon. This cools, promotes blood circulation and reduces swelling. Too much heat is counterproductive in varicose veins. The visit to the sauna, especially when pronounced vein problems should definitely be discussed with the doctor.

Wrap – Envelopes for calves
Put your feet up and to a winding around the calves – that partially takes away the seriousness and swelling. As a home remedy for varicose veins, the envelopes then listed are suitable, but requires basically to make sure that the legs are supported while high, so always higher than the head.

Cool water
A wrap with cold water is which can be quickly made, yet effective. A kitchen towel dipped in cold water, wrung out and then placed around the calf and remains as long as there, as the winding is still cool. This can be repeated again if necessary.

Wrap with essential oils
Effective in varicose veins are essential oils, such as juniper, cypress, lavender, lemon, yarrow and lemongrass. These can be also applied together as a mixture or individually. A bowl is filled with cool water. From any desired oil one drop is put into some cream and it is then mixed with the water. A cotton cloth impregnated therein serves as a winding which is applied on the skin about thirty minutes. this can be performed twice daily for positive results.

Quark envelope
The famous Quark envelope is an ancient home remedy that is quite helpful in varicose veins. The Quark cools and relieves the swelling. It is applied in the middle of a dish cloth, wrapped the other two sides and then placed the winding with the thin side down around the calf. Here the winding remains until it emits no more cold.

Envelope with Calendula Essence
Calendula or Marigold contains flavanoids as well as triterpenes both of which are beneficial in treating varicose veins. It is mixed with water in the ratio 1: 5 Then the soaked cloth is placed around the calf. The marigold has a healing and decongestant.

Cold showers
Contrast showers toughen, stimulate the immune system and strengthen the veins. So this is also a great way to do something every day for the congested vessels. The contrast showers should be noted that is always started with the right arm.

Treading water
The water treading is quite a feasible treatment at home at home and you can do it in a pool. The level of cold water should be at calf height. It is important that there is an anti-skid pad in the tub. It can then be started from the “walk” and at each step, while the foot is completely out of the water.

Help – from the inside out
To treat varicose veins only by externally applied home remedies would bring in only less positive results. The body should also be supported from the inside out by appropriate means. The tea blends are a good approach. However, pregnant women should consult with a doctor before consuming any herbal tea for treating varicose veins.

A healthy diet
For healthy veins and venous valves that vitamin C is very important. This is mainly found in rose hips, buckthorn, black currants, gooseberries, parsley, kale, peppers and Brussels sprouts. Also important is a high-fiber diet, as this prevents excessive blood clotting. In addition, it must be sugar-free and low-fat diet. Another important factor is proper hydration, preferably in the form of raw boiled water.

Proper clothing
With varicose veins should be paid to “correct” clothing. This includes comfortable shoes. High heels are not suitable. Clothing should be restrictive in any way. With prolonged sitting, such as the train or plane, support stockings are recommended.

General at the end
Varicose veins on legs becomes a serious problem when when they are accompanied by pain and / or severe swelling. During severe conditions one should not go for self treatment, consult a doctor, since phlebitis or thrombosis can be developed from “simple” varicose veins.

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