Helpful Videos on Varicose Veins

Helpful Videos on Varicose Veins

Some Helpful Videos on Varicose Veins

An animated video on Varicose Veins by NHS Choices.

This video explains what are varicose veins, how it is caused, treatment options etc.

It is being explained in the video that any vein in the human body can become varicose but the veins in the legs particular in the calf are most commonly affected.

Varicose veins is a quite common condition affecting both men and women.

The blood travel around your body through blood vessels, arteries carry blood from the heart to the rest of the body and veins return blood to the heart.

When your leg muscles move they squeeze the leg veins and help to push the blood upward. Inside the large veins of your body there are valves which stop blood flowing backwards. In varicose veins the walls of the veins stretch and become less flexible which weakens the valves which stops them from working properly.

Blood then leaks backwards and builds up in the vein causing it to swell.

The reason why your valves stretch and stop working is not fully understood but the common risk factors are obesity, having an occupation that involves prolonged standing and pregnancy.

If your varicose veins cause complications such as inflammation or bleeding the skin changes or ulcers start to form.

In that case the doctor may recommend surgery. The common type of surgery is Ligation and Stipping. In this procedure the surgeon make a small cut near the growing at the top end of the varicose vein and an other on further down your leg. The veins are tied and cut near the groin, a thin wire is inserted through the vein and vein itself is carefully pulled out from the lower cut.

Removal of varicose vein does not affect the blood flow as other veins take over the role.

Even after surgical treatment there is still a risk that varicose veins may come back.

The video suggests other available treatments includes like sclerotherapy in which the vein is injected with a chemical. There are new type of treatments such as laser and frequency ablation therapy.

To know more about other modern varicose vein treatment visit

The video clearly explains the reasons and the surgical treatment of varicose veins. It is worth to watch.

Yoga for varicose veins

The video by Divya Nichani of Yoga House describes how to practice asanas for varicose veins. Varicose veins occurs when all the blood vessels gets clogged around and get collected behind the calf muscles.

Most physician and doctors especially those who are treating varicose veins with herbal remedies or modern treatments suggests yoga.

Because in yoga a lots of aasanas are performed which go against gravity which pull the pressure down and help in reducing varicose veins.

The video explains how to do a Sarvangasan and Vipreetkarni Yoga which the performer needs a chair ,a blanket, bolster and soft blocks to lift the shoulder and there is no stress around the neck.

Watch video to know more

Exercises for Varicose Veins

After yoga and explainer video on varicose veins now we have a video on the exercises for those who are suffering from varicose veins.

The exercise procedures are explained by Dave a physiologist at fitness center. He specializes in clinical exercise interventions for the people at the risk of developing or have complex or chronic medical conditions.

The video showcases 3 key exercises (Lying Exercises, Standing Exercises and Low Impact Aerobics) for those who are suffering from varicose veins and spider veins.

The physiologist himself explains that the exercises are not a permanent solution to get rid of varicose veins but it can help in alleviate the pain. For permanent solution it is better to undergo medical / treatments with herbal supplements.

Here we have added only 3 videos which we feel that it will helpful for those suffering from varicose veins. You can also suggest videos which can be included in this post.

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