Gentle removal of varicose veins

Gentle removal of varicose veins

Advantages of gentle removal of varicose veins “at a glance”

Diagnosis with advanced color Doppler ultrasound technology
Treatment without anesthesia
Outpatient treatment (no hospital stay!)
Gently and quickly
No physical protection required
Without pain
No stockings, no wrapping required
No bruising
No scars
No allergy risk
No risk of thrombosis, nerve injuries with numbness or tingling sensation
High cost savings in comparison to other conventional methods

Varicose veins – what’s that?

Varicose veins, called varices, are large, painful, partly hardened and no longer adequately functioning veins, usually in the legs. For affected people which leads to the familiar symptoms such as painful and jammed legs, also the thrombophlebitis (vein inflammation) – and risk for vein thrombosis is greatly increased. Often hemorrhoids are a sign of the increased pressure in the venous system.

Mainly affected women and men with sitting and standing and heavy activities (eg. As hairdressers, retailers, artisans, cooks, ..) athletes women are suffering after pregnancy and men to a strong connective tissue. If the problems and pain are too great, these people often opt for “vein stripping” – a type of varicose vein removal which is usually recommend by doctors.

Vein stripping

In this method, which is performed under anesthesia, the surgeon removes the main branch of the varicose veins (literally torn out), while also lymphatic vessels are hurt, there arise scarring cannot be removed at once a branch, must be set to the cuts varicose vein removed in parts, which in turn to scars, then externally to see here, leads to the leg. Then the leg treated must be wrapped partially for weeks, then are still compression stockings to wear. Also, there are deep, large and long painful bruising, as carried out by the tissue injury, the body takes a long time to the blood that has flowed into the tissue to absorb again. By internal scarring of the body has to make too much difficulty new collateral circulation of blood and lymph, so the swelling can last for weeks and even months later. Although nerve tissue is involved by the tearing out of the vein, it comes in the sequence in addition to the mentioned side effects even numbness or other irritations.

The body thus has to do not only with the side effects of the anesthesia, but also with the consequences of this massive tissue injury. Alternative offers for affected people to the friendly and gentle removal of varicose veins.
The alternative: Gentle removal of varicose veins

In this method, the useless and no longer functioning veins are biologically, few side effects and permanently removed gently. Most can be reached and removed with, thus the risk of the formation is significantly reduced even small side branches and of malnourished spider veins.


These varicose vein removal is carried out with highly concentrated saline solution, it is already 100 years proven process (1911), developed by Prof. Linser / University of Tübingen. His student Dr. Otto Bruker, the saline therapy in Lahnstein practiced on. Dr. Berndt Rieger and Dr. Köster Sundaro developed this method further into a gentle, individually tailored to the affected patient care.


There are no toxic or other foreign substances used, but only saline in different concentrations, which is individually tailored to the patient and his personal body situation.

After the examination, an indwelling catheter is placed through which the selected cooking salt solution is injected at a suitable point on the leg. Patients feel the injection of the solution as a strong feeling of pressure or cramp in the leg, but that wears off after about 2 minutes. This is the only side effect generally. There will be no scarring or injury to healthy tissue, neither internally nor externally. There are also closed not unintentionally healthy and intact cores because only pathologically altered endothelium (the inner vessel wall) like a varicose vein responds to the saline. Healthy veins pumping through an intact inner layer, with functioning venous valves and muscles, the saline immediately on. Since salt is a substance occurring in the body are excluded unwanted allergies.

The body itself then controls the degradation process:

After injection, the vessel is hardened and feels like a rope or strand of, in the following 3-9 months now absorbed the body on its own, this fabric. But you must not turn away after that, is not incapacitated. It is not necessary to compress the bone treated by winding or support stockings. There are no injured nerve or lymph vessels, no numbness. Of course, this process can be supported by external applications.

What I want to know?

How long will the treatment take?
If the informed consent discussion is not already done in a previous appointment, it is about 1 – 1, 5 hrs last, the real deal about 30 minutes..

What happens to the saline runs in the healthy vessels?

Only pathologically altered endothelium (inner arterial walls) as a varicose vein respond to the saline. Healthy veins pumping through an intact inner layer, with their functioning venous valves and muscles the saline continue immediately.

Do I need to take care of myself after treatment?

No, you must do everything as usual, but it should not be the same high-performance sports, or even other things, for. Example, “leg press” in the gym should be avoided.

Speaks anything against treatment?
Acute infections and infections, immuno-compromised people with poor general state, taking anticoagulant drugs etc

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