Amazing Home Remedies To Treat Varicose Veins Naturally

Amazing Home Remedies To Treat Varicose Veins Naturally

varicose veins is nodular and enlarged veins.

All veins have “flaps” which prevent back-flow of the blood stream.

However, these flaps gets weaker over the years. The veins wear out as the years pass by, which in turn cause swelling.

In women, varicose veins are observed far more frequently than men.

However, there are various self-help measures to deal with varicose veins.

What home remedies help for varicose veins?

Who is prone to varicose veins should definitely refrain from standing or sitting for a long time.

Whoever changes his position as often as possible, can prevent the sinking of blood in the lower leg, thus avoid varicose veins.

The circulation of the blood, by means of a gentle massage can substantially improve the conditions of varicose veins.

Gentle massage should be given on the muscles and not directly on the veins.

It should be pressed and slowly removed in the direction of the heart with the two thumbs.

If the varicose veins still small, tights may be an optimal solution.

With tights will exercise an external pressure on the veins, so that the veins will not have the ability to swell quickly.

Pharmacies and department stores offers wide range of tights, which are now much more comfortable and aesthetic.

To fight regularly against varicose veins, yoga exercise would has proven to be beneficial.

The legs with a 45 degree angle has to be placed on the wall in the supine position against a wall.

The position will remain for about three minutes after that exhale and return to the normal position.

Quick help with varicose veins

Are you a person who performs his job sitting in the office?

Take a break of 10 mins in every 2 hours take a small walk and if you can place your leg on the table or a highly placed surface.

Ideally, the feet are lifted or lowered in order to exercise the calf muscles.

The calf muscles surround the veins, where they squeeze the blood flow against gravity up to the heart during each contraction.

For this reason, a leg overturning should be avoided in varicose veins.

In this posture, the veins are exposed to intense pressure and the backflow of blood will be completely blocked.

Varicose veins is normally considered as a cosmetic problem rather than a medical problem.

However in conditions when the overlying skin begins to peel with redness and swelling a physician should be immediately consulted.

Alternative remedies for varicose veins

As an alternative remedy for varicose veins rutin the lemon peel is used often.

The small blood vessels are impermeable through the rutin, so that an outlet of the vessel fluids is prevented in the surrounding tissue.

To take rutin, some lemon zest can be mixed into cold drinks or tea.

Legs with varicose veins are also optimally treatable by oak bark.

The simplest and always proven home remedies for varicose veins is an alternating cast of very hot and cold water, which is passed through the legs.

Due to the changing temperatures the bloodstream will be significantly improved by means of the expansion and contraction.

Another way to treat varicose veins naturally is by using horse chestnut extract.

This classic home remedy contains the substance aescin, which strengthens the venous valves and improves the elasticity of all blood vessels.

After 3 months if you are feeling better then it should be taken only once in a day.

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